Holistisk expertis / Expertise as holistic practitioner

Movement. Functional Analysis. Health Treatments. – Of course, these were the first driving interests in my now 15-year ongoing professional career. I decided to pick an initial education in physiotherapy, thinking of various skills and possibilities within this profession and outside of it. I graduated as a physiotherapist, I was mostly interested in orthopedics. Dealing with sports injuries and examining functional health problems, especially of the spine, turned out to be my first focus.

While working in Hannover, Germany, and doing my B.Sc. in medical health professions, I became successively fascinated by the functional relations of the body tissues, temporary pain and other health problems beyond specific pathologies. Therefore I advanced my education in manual therapy (OMT) and continued with a specialization in diagnostic and management of jaw disorders (TMD). For the following five years I worked intensively with pain and different functional disorders of the spine, in particular with the cervical spine and the temporomandibular joint. At the same time, I got really inspired by professionals thinking from holistic and alternative perspectives on therapeutic problems.

As different alternative methods got more popular in Europe and new academic programmes for allied health professions developed in Germany, futher paths to my future work environment opened up. I chose to split up my occupation into two parts:

For one thing, I started to expand my knowledge in neurophysiology and complementary medicine – in order to explore the potential of physiotherapy and its practical work – such as: TCM- and energetic diagnostics, acupuncture, visceral (osteopathic) connections to the musculoskeletal system and its functions, background knowledge of biochemical symbiosis for a more differentiated screening of the physical and mental resources as well as dysfunctions.

Then again, I followed a theoretical and scientific way by doing a master’s programme in applied health science – physiotherapy. For more information concerning my scientific focus head over to my Research Interests