Om mig / About Me

Hej! I’m Katja. Based in Sweden, I am an international health expert for physiotherapy, TMD and complementary medical work and I do research on pain and applied health science.

After I moved to Southern Scandinavia from Germany, I’ve become especially involved in the various perspectives on multi-professional health cooperation. Currently, I practice as a therapist and Research Assistant in Malmö, Lund, and other places in Sweden – coordinating a national clinical study at Linköpings University. You can find further details on my scientific work in my Research Interests

When I meet people for therapy, my work process is strongly connected to my research expertise through a complementary understanding of neurophysiology and pain problems, with a particular focus on acupuncture. Since I speak Swedish, German and English I even have the opportunity to practice and communicate internationally. Read more in my Health Expertise

This fits well with my private passion for traveling while concerts and exhibitions help to clear my mind. Additionally, I do yoga, running, hiking and bouldering for my own balance.

I am always looking forward to exchanging ideas with you and hear about new work opportunities – don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Tack så länge,
Katja Junge – Physiolux